BMW Recalls Its Flagship Car

BMW is a company which is known for its combination of luxury and efficient performance. The car which encapsulates what BMW is, is the flagship 7 Series. The 7 Series is the vehicle which stands at the top end of what BMW see and engineer as luxury. But recently, they have had to recall thousands of vehicles as a result of malfunctioning airbags.

The recall affects the 2016 7 series and ranges from vehicles that are already owned to those that are just sitting on a dealerships forecourt. Specifically, the 740Li, 750Li and the 750Lxi manufactured between July 2015 and December 2015 are the models most affected.


The problem has arisen as a result of metallic residue left in the airbag control module. What then occurs is a short circuit in the system which forces the control module to reset. If an accident were to occur, then danger would arise because the airbag control module could be in its reset module and hence, wouldn’t go off in an accident. Therefore, the vehicles, as noted by a BMW spokesperson, have been recalled as a ‘purely a precautionary measure’. BMW do take safety seriously and it shows with the recall of their top range car.

There have been around a total of 26,000 7 Series cars affected as a result of the faulty airbag control module. There have been 6,110 cars affected in the US, 2,600 in Germany and 4,700 in China with more having to be recalled around the world. To fix the problem, BMW are simply going to replace the airbag control modules on the flagship cars free of charge.

All this recall shows, no car, no matter however expensive or luxurious, will ever be able to shake the shackles of simple malfunctions. It will be an occurring theme with cars for as long as they are made.