The BMW M5 petrol and diesel?

We take a look a £73,000 saloon due to be released later this year, the BMW M5.  Now in its fifth generation, it’s on the highest end of the 5 Series line-up, with it being the most powerful.

The turbo charged 4.4 Litre engine within can develop an enormous 560bhp. The car will be limited to 155mph or 190mph with the M Drivers package. It can hit 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds and 0-124mph in 13 seconds, a highly impressive for cars never mind a saloon.

BMW EfficientDynamics has been implemented within to give better fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness throughout. Stop/Start and Brake energy regeneration are just some of the elements with the EfficientDynamics assembly.

The exterior is built with an aerodynamic theme for more resourceful driving. The consumption of fuel is significantly reduced from the last M5, despite the power increase. The car is said to produce 28.5mpg now with C02 emissions of 232g/km.

There are 19inch alloys as standard with a choice of 20 inches as an optional extra. There is also a seven-speed double clutch installed giving a thrilling performance. The car has sports seats with a leather steering wheel within. BMW have also included a head-up display, front and back parking sensors, satellite navigation and a Bluetooth connectivity device for your phone.

The engine will have three different modes to suit the driver’s mood.

These include

  • Efficient
  • Sport
  • Sport Plus modes

Pictures released so far show a stunning design, with a look of elegance and sport shown throughout. Anyone would be proud to own a car that looks as stunning as the new BMW M5.

M5 Diesel Variant on its way?

There has been speculation that a diesel version of the M5 will be available for the first time in its history.

It has been stated the car will be a 4-wheel drive and it will not be as powerful but could be up to over 500bhp. The car may have a 3.0 Litre in-line six-cylinder built in engine. As expected, the diesel will be more fuel efficient than the petrol version. However at the same time it will also be fun to drive.

Is this BMW’s way of making the M5 more greener and eco-friendly? It would appear that many motorists are swaying towards that type of car with petrol costs rising recently. The diesel version doesn’t sound too bad compared to the petrol version at all.