10 Reasons to buy a BMW 5 Series

10-Reasons-to-buy-a-BMW-5-SeriesWhen you’re forking out upwards of £31,000 on a new vehicle, it’s nice to have the reassurance you’re making the correct decision. If you’re spending it on a BMW 5 series, there’s a certain peace of mind that comes with the price tag. If you needed any further persuasion as to why the mid-range executive is a safe bet, then here are ten good reasons:

  1. Practically-appointed boot. You don’t normally associate a saloon car with having copious amounts of boot-space, and the 5 series doesn’t do much in the way to change this. In fact, it’s slightly smaller than most of its competitors’ boots. It’s the shape that sets it apart however. It’s a practical square space, with little intrusion from the wheel arches. It’s fairly deep too.
  2. High-class interior. The quality of the interior sets the 5 series apart from a good deal of the competition. The use of real metal instead of ‘treated’ plastic adds a touch of class. The higher spec the model, the more luxurious the interior.
  3. Cockpit comfort. You’d expect, given the high quality interior of the 5 series, that the cockpit comfort would be similarly comfortable. And despite the possible exception of the slightly offset pedals, that’s exactly what you get. If you choose, you can have lumbar adjustments as an optional extra which provides a multitude of different driving positions.
  4. Estate Version. For some, the saloon won’t be quite practical enough. It’s good to know then, that the 5 Series Touring, the estate version, nailed the accolade of ‘Best estate car over £25,000’ at the 2016 What Car? Awards.
  5. Performance. You’d expect any BMW to offer excellent handling plus a decent dollop of performance. The hybrid edition is rather pricey, and the entry-level 520i is perhaps a little underpowered, but the 520d is the version that truly stands out. You can choose Variable Damper Control (VDC) if you like, which makes the suspension more rewarding; this will understandably inflate the price tag however.
  6. Ride Comfort. The VDC naturally improves the ride comfort. When travelling at low speeds, it’s smooth and comfortable. At high speeds on the motorway; it’s even more comfortable than the standard set up. The ride is perfectly satisfactory without it, but the extra you pay for VDC is noticeable in the long term.
  7. Refinement. The noise abatement on the 5 series is excellent. Very little noise seeps into the cabin either when travelling around town or during motorway cruising. This is all the more noticeable when there’s a hybrid under the hood. None of the engines are loud and gruff, with the exception of the M5’s V8, which has the expected growl. For those opting for the eight-speed gearbox on the non-M5 series, it’s plenty slick and smooth when you need it to be.
  8. Rear Space. For those sitting in the back, there’s plenty of space for two tall rear passengers. Shoulder room is tight if there’s a third person wedged in there too, but there is more head room than in many competitors’ equivalents. In addition to this, the doors are tall and open widely.
  9. Front Space. The front cabin is one of the roomiest available in the segment, with plenty of head, leg and head room for all shapes and sizes of driver. Like the rear doors, the front also open nice and wide. There’s a big glove compartment, and a generously sized cubbyhole ahead of the gear stick. The door pockets aren’t enormous but overall, it’s a hugely spacious car for the front seat occupants.
  10. Infotainment. The 5 series has two options for an infotainment system; Business iDrive and Professional iDrive, the latter being the more pricey. Even the standard, 6.5in system is superior to that of the Audi A6 or Jaguar XF. If you’re willing to pay a little more, a 10.2in screen is available. Both variants are highly user friendly and work well.

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