BMW’s All Electric Vehicle

BMWs-All-Electric-VehicleBMW have had to face some serious truths when it comes to their involvement in the electric car world. The i3 and the i8 certainly haven’t been as popular as the Bavarian giants had originally hoped for. As a result of this, the i Division has consequently changed direction and is now focusing on driverless vehicles. But, with the popularity of the electric car only increasing, BMW have had to do something, and something they have done.

There have been rumours circulating in the automotive world concerning the creation of an all electric 3 Series car. There are already plans for a new diesel and petrol 3 Series, a plug-in hybrid 3 Series and now the rumoured all electric 3 Series will finish off the pack. Of course this is all just rumour at the moment, but the car really does sound impressive.

The general aim for the BMW and their new 3 Series model is to muscle into Tesla’s all electric ground, and they may certainly be able to do this. This new 3 Series vehicle, codenamed G20 for the time being, will stick to BMW’s high performance and luxury philosophy. This will firstly be accomplished through the use of the CLAR platform, which was specifically designed for an electrified powertrain. This will therefore allow a 90kWh battery to power the vehicle for just over 300 miles.

With this being said, there are also rumours that BMW will also be stealing technology from their flagship 7 Series in order to maximise the G20’s potential. This will include the likes of carbon fibre integration to minimise the weight of the vehicle alongside the braking and suspension systems, the combination will therefore maximise performance.

A source recently told AutoExpress that “the next-generation 3 Series, codenamed G20, gets a switch of chassis technology as the car leaves its existing platform and moves to an all-new architecture called CLAR, for Cluster Architecture. CLAR brought in carbon-fibre construction techniques to the 7 Series when it was introduced on that car earlier this year, and elements will be retained on the limousine’s smaller brother.” We are impressed, are you?