BMW to Release Anniversary Edition of M3

BMW-to-Release-Anniversary-Edition-of-M3BMW are a really remarkable company when it comes to the release of special edition cars. They have been consistently releasing limited edition vehicles which celebrates their rich motoring history. Just recently for example, we discussed the 2002 homage concept and they don’t seem as if they are going to stop soon. With this then, let us introduce the special edition M3.

The M3 as a result of its 30th birthday, is undergoing a special launch. This is surprising considering that BMW have recently just updated the 2 Series, 7 Series and have the 2002 Homage Concept. The company sure are busy in Bavaria. Named the ‘BMW M3 30 Jahre’, there will be 500 of these vehicles created to honour one of BMW’s most influential vehicles ever.

So have BMW done anything outlandish as a mark of respect? Well, not really. What the company have done however is give the BMW M3 30 Jahre a Macao Blue metallic paint job. This paint coat was first introduced to original M3 back in 1986, so that isn’t too bad. Other than that, the vehicle looks very much like its predecessor. There are however added LED headlights and a unique BMW M3 30 Jahre badge. The interior will see a change though. There will be added special stitching, carbon fibre and leather upholstery.

So although there has been very little in the way of exterior changes, the vehicle has had some serious work done to its internal components. For the 30th anniversary M3, a competition package will be equipped. This means that the engine will have more horsepower which will allow it to do 0-60mph in 4 seconds flat. As well as that, there will be bigger alloys added, a special edition M suspension and an active M differential to increase the vehicles driving capabilities.

BMW know how to celebrate an anniversary, so happy birthday M3…