BMW 3-Series receives new engines

The BMW 3 Series will have extra engine options as part of their 2013 upgrades. A brand new 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring model has been added.

There will be two brand new petrol and diesel engines along with the first ever 3 Series Touring AWD in the UK.


The 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring could be one of the bestselling models in the range. It’s very efficient with superb fuel efficiency and C02 emissions. On average the car achieves 65.7 MPG and 112g/km of C02 emissions. Being able to produce 161 BHP, it’s also quite powerful at the same time with a four cylinder engine. The entry level model will cost £29,710.

The 3 Series will also see a 325d model added. This will produce a total of 215 BHP with a four cylinder engine under the bonnet, averaging 55.4 MPG. This will cost £31,630.

New entry level Touring

The 3 Series Touring will now get a new entry level model. This will cost £26,495, coming with a 1.6 litre petrol engine, producing 134 BHP of power. On average, the car will achieve 45.6 MPG.

A new 335i Touring has also been added. This will come with a turbocharged six cylinder petrol engine which is able to hit a total of 302 BHP. Acceleration time stands at 5.5 seconds racing from 0 – 62 MPH. This model will cost a total of £37,170.

The fact that xDrive four wheel drive vehicle has been added to the line-up of BMW’s is quite significant. This is the first time such a variant has been added to the UK models.

The BMW 320i xDrive saloon will get a Touring version in March. The 320i xDrive, which is petrol powered, has already been put on sale. In addition to that, a 320d xDrive and a 330d xDrive diesel will be added to the Touring.

The 328i xDrive was seen at the Detroit Motor Show recently. Under the bonnet comes an efficient 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with four cylinders.

Prices for the new 3 Series models:

BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring – £29,710
BMW 325d Touring – £31,630
BMW 316i Touring –£26,495
BMW 335i Touring – £37,170
BMW 320i xDrive Touring – £29,030
BMW 320d xDrive saloon – £29,910
BMW 320d xDrive Touring – £31,330
BMW 330d xDrive saloon – £35,230
BMW 330d xDrive Touring – £36,545