BMW 3 Series

BMW-3-SeriesThe 3 Series for BMW, is one of its best sellers. This can most certainly be said for BMW in the USA whereby one in four BMW’s sold are a 3 Series. So we know that the 3 Series is excellent but, BMW believe that updates are necessary to keep their vehicles fresh and up to date, this shows dedication and a smart business strategy. The 3 Series has been due a facelift, and guess what, they have come through.

The 2016 3 Series midlife facelift focuses on what are the 3 Series’ main selling points; looks and power. These are the two distinct categories which have undergone massive improvements. There have been some quite significant changes to the grille and the front headlights, which now have new graphics and benefit from LED technology. There have also been changes to the rear headlamps alongside the addition of a new sporty spoiler. Only the sides of the vehicles exterior have been untouched, but by leaving it, the vehicle certainly looks sportier and more aggressive.


There will also be changes to the powertrains as BMW focus on an increase in power. We will now see the introduction of three separate petrol based engines and five different diesel engines too. BMW will also be introducing rear wheel drive or xDrive all wheel drive, as options alongside alterations to the suspension, brakes and steering for a better performing vehicle. With these upgrades, we expect the vehicle to be able to reach 60mph from standing in 6.4 seconds.

Although the vehicle looks sportier than its predecessor, it is still large enough to also be seen as a luxury vehicle too. There is one down side though, BMW have stated that they are increasing connectivity, but this facelift doesn’t include Apple CarPlay. Either way, it is an excellent facelift and exactly what the 3 Series needed…