Hankook Ventus Prime tyres chosen for the BMW 1 Series

BMW have chosen Hankook Ventus Prime tyres for the majority of their 1 Series models.

The tyres of size 195/55 R16V are reported to be fitted onto the

  • 116i
  • 118i
  • 116d
  • 118d

Jin-Wook Choi the Vice President for Hankook said that their products suit BMW values and that is why they have been chosen. He said“BMW is one of the few car manufacturers that have succeeded in combining the latest environmental protection and safety requirements with the traditional brand values of sportiness and dynamics, and is a trendsetter when it comes to energy efficiency,”

“The fact that we are to supply our products as part of the original equipment of one of the most important volume models produced by the company gives proof or the reputation that Hankook products have gained amongst premium car manufacturers.

He went on to describe how proud he is of the companies partnership with BMW. “All Hankook employees are very proud of this global partnership with BMW.”

A lot to live up too

The Ventus Prime tyres are the successor the successful Prime tyres. They will certainly have a lot to live up to as the Prime tyre managed to sell 10 million units throughout its availability on the market.

An updated car need updated tyres

Stefan Fishcer, the Head of Hankook Tire’s European Technology Centre and is also Head of BMW Group tyre development said that updated engineering within the BMW 1 Series made for a perfect combination with the Hankook tyres.  He said“The newly developed chassis of the BMW 1 Series places particularly high demands on the tyres,”

“They must be able to dynamically transfer the engine power of the car directly onto the road, whilst guaranteeing a level of long-distance comfort yet uncommon in this vehicle category. Our new Ventus Prime² offers the right balance between driving comfort and agile dynamics for the new BMW 1 Series, without compromising on important safety and environmental parameters such as wet grip and rolling resistance.”

It is clear to see that BMW apply the best quality type of tyres to their vehicles. In order to remain as the world’s best selling luxury car manufacturer, they are looking down all avenues concerned with their cars to adopt the highest quality products on the market.