BMW 1 Series Coupe Review

The BMW 1 Series Coupe is a fantastic vehicle to own. It offers plenty of quality attributes which allow which has made the car extremely popular since it’s release. We take a look at what we believe are the car’s strongest attributes in our review today.


Within the BMW 1 Series Coupe there are a number of engines to suit all types of drivers. At the bottom end of the scale you get the entry level 120i petrol which is able to achieve 168 BHP. The next up in line is the 118d diesel which gives out 141 BHP and the 120d diesel which produces a brilliant 174 BHP. Would you need much more?

If you do the 123d gives out an amazing 201 BHP. If you want more go for the 125i, which contains a six cylinder 3.0 litre engine that is able to produce 215 BHP. The 135i contains a 3.0 litre engine which produces 302 BHP and hits 0 – 62 MPH in only 5.3 seconds.


All of that power comes a decent amount of safety equipment. This includes stability control and anti lock brakes as standard.


The car is mainly designed for two people. It is difficult to fit anyone in the rear. There is a great amount of shoulder room at the front with a nicely sized boot considering the car’s type. The space within the boot can be extended with 60/40 split back seats.

Equipment levels

The basic version contains electric windows, alloy wheels, air conditioning, automatic headlights and wipers along with an MP3 input socket.

Upgrading to the Sport trim gives you 17 inch stylish sport alloys. On top of that there are front foglamps included. The SE trim gives owners the joy of climate control as well as rear parking sensors. Top of the range models M Sport models include stylish alloy wheels along with lowered suspension.

BMW 1 Series Coupe variants

  • Coupe 118d ES 2dr – £21,960
  • Coupe 118d Sport 2dr – £21,960
  • Coupe 120i ES 2dr – £22,650
  • Coupe 120i Sport 2dr – £22,650
  • Coupe 118d SE 2dr – £23,275
  • Coupe 120d ES 2dr – £23,480
  • Coupe 120d Sport 2dr – £23,480
  • Coupe 120i SE 2dr – £23,965
  • Coupe 120d SE 2dr – £24,795
  • Coupe 118d M Sport 2dr – £24,960
  • Coupe 120i M Sport 2dr – £25,650
  • Coupe 120d M Sport 2dr – £26,480
  • Coupe 125i M Sport 2dr – £27,115
  • Coupe 123d M Sport 2dr – £28,115
  • Coupe 135i M Sport 2dr – £31,785