Puma’s BMW Shoe

Pumas-BMW-ShoeIt is always strange when automotive companies and clothing companies share design departments and come up with something new and radical. This has happened many times already as many have seen Ferrari and Lotus shoes and Lexus have a complete clothing range too. So, with this news, what should we expect to see when the Bavarian automotive giant BMW team up with the German sports outfit Puma?

Well, this partnership stems back eight years already. Back in 2008, BMW created a concept named the GINA Light Visionary Model. Many may disagree, but the concept was horrendous. Based upon a metal frame, the vehicle was covered in a high-tech metallic fabric skin. The skin would crease when the door opened, and when the lights were not in use they would be covered like eye lids. Puma were drafted in order to create this new skin for the BMW GINA concept.


Now, Puma have taken this concept and have turned it into a shoe named the X-Cat Disc. By utilising BMW’s Designworks Studio, another monstrosity has been created. The shoe looks horrible, but the technology involved is certainly revolutionary. Without any laces, the shoe uses the similar design of BMW’s GINA. Metal wires create the base of the shoe and a high-tech material then covers this. When the disc of this shoe is turned, then it tightens to the owner’s feet. As previously stated, the technology in the shoe is revolutionary but, the design is absolutely horrid.

BMW and Puma have now co-created two horrible products. In both cases the futuristic functionalities were excellent, but the aesthetic design not so much. We are lucky that the 2008 BMW GINA Light Visionary Model never made it past the drawing board, but sadly the Puma X-Cat Disc has. We should soon see this shoe sold in stores across the UK soon.