Laurence Fox in row with BMW over ‘faulty’ handbrake

Laurence-Fox-in-row-with-BMW-over-faulty-handbrakeLaurence Fox has blasted BMW on Twitter, after his £55,000 M3 apparently rolled down a hill and crashed into a hedge, despite him having applied the handbrake.

The accident happened while the actor was in Devon filming. He had parked the BMW at the top of a steep gradient, only to return later to find it at the bottom, with thousands of pounds damage after it had rolled into a bush.

A friend of the 38 year old star of ITV’s Lewis, mentioned that Fox had already questioned the reliability of his handbrake with the German car maker, but they had instead told him, it was within the legal limits. “He was understandably miffed,” they said.

On Monday, this week Fox had appeared to criticise BMW in a Twitter video which shows him in his car rolling down a hill as he gradually applies the handbrake.

Alongside the clip he had written, “Dear BMW great job on the hand brake on my car. Thanks so much for ‘adjusting’ it, even though ‘it wasn’t broken’.”

In the clip, Fox can be heard saying that he is carefully pulling the handbrake up onto different “levels” but still cannot get his vehicle to stop. “One click and we’re rolling, two clicks, three clicks and we’re rolling, four click and we’re rolling, five clicks and we’re still rolling, six clicks and we’re still rolling, seven, OK, now we are stuck,” he says.

Fox has often spoken about his passion for cars, having first bought a Rover for £500 about 20 years ago. In 2013, fans claimed that the actor was the voice-over on the brands i3 model.

The actor has recently been in Devon filming the forthcoming film The Family. The movie, set to be released next year follows a dysfunctional family, who gather at their mother’s deathbed.

A BMW spokesman said: “I can confirm there is no technical campaign concerning handbrakes on this model and we would advise customers to always ensure the handbrake is fully applied before leaving the vehicle.

“In relation to this specific case the vehicle has a sequential transmission and therefore if the driver exits the vehicle after switching the ignition off, the transmission would select park and ‘secure’ the vehicle. The video highlighted shows the handbrake held on the seventh click.

“The handbrake has been tested applying the Ministry of Transport statutory figures and the performance exceeded this legislation. In view of the above the conclusion is that the handbrake on said vehicle was performing as it should and therefore we would not be in a position to assist with the cost of any repair.”

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