General BMW driving tips

10-Reasons-to-buy-a-BMW-5-Series2BMW drivers! Yes, we know you’re all great drivers. But sometimes, some general hints and tips from the manufacturer of your trusty Beamer don’t go amiss. Here’s a few driving and general maintenance ones from the engineers at BMW to make sure you’re driving and keeping your motor in the best possible condition.

  1. Steering wheel adjustment. Never adjust the steering wheel position whilst you’re driving, some terrible statistics exist on the amount of accidents caused from the unexpected movement of the steering column whilst in transit.
  2. Starting the engine (petrol engines). Do not press the accelerator pedal while starting the engine.
  3. Starting the engine (diesel engines). Movement of the accelerator pedal has no influence on the starting process.
  4. Washer fluid. The screen wash for the washer fluid is extremely flammable. Keep it away from potential ignition sources. Always store it in the original, sealed containers, out of reach from children. Always follow the instructions.
  5. Fuel Gauge. Always add fuel in good time, as various engine features will not function to their proper capabilities if the fuel levels start to fall very low. If you let the tank bottom out frequently, damage can be sustained.
  6. Service indicator. The distance remaining to the next service and its date, in addition with the date that has been entered for a statutory emissions test or vehicle inspection, are displayed briefly when the ignition key is in position 2. If your vehicle is iDrive equipped you will find service status under Service > Service requirement > Status. The extent of service work that needs to be carried out can be read from the car key by the mechanics conducting your service.
  7. Interior climate controls. 22 degrees C has been found to be the most pleasant temperature setting. Refer to your vehicle handbook for more information on climate control.


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