BMW’s Super Safety Car

BMWs-Super-Safety-CarWe hope here that everyone knows about the BMW I8. It deserves to be known, its name should most certainly ring aloud from the rooftops. The BMW i8, is the Bavarian automotive giants plug-in hybrid supercar. It is supposed to perform well, it certainly looks fantastic and it’s also environmentally friendly too, so what more could you want? So you can tell that we like it, but why care to write an article about it now?

Well, after Evo magazine talked to the i8’s developer Peter Krams, we became really intrigued. Evo managed to talk to Peter Krams whilst they were both in attendance of Formula E’s grand finale in July. What the two parties spoke about was the BMW i8’s ability as a safety car in the actual racing event itself. Being able to accomplish 0-60 in 4.3 seconds and with a top speed of 155mph, the vehicle certainly isn’t slow and it is a plug in hybrid, so it makes perfect sense for it to be a safety car in Formula E.

As good as the vehicle is, there had to be modifications made for the car to actually work even more effectively on the Formula E track. The vehicle was stripped, lowered and the chassis had to be stiffened. Then brakes and suspension were altered, cooling systems were added alongside extra exterior aerodynamic systems too. Once all of these changes had been added together, then you got an even fiercer and certainly more powerful BMW i8 that was originally created.

The safety cars at these racing events are extremely important, there is no denying that. The i8 certainly does its job effectively, whilst also looking extremely elegant too. The only problem with this specific safety vehicle comes in the form of many believing that it is a test mule. All the false attention must get rather annoying…