BMW to unveil new AirTouch in-car tech next month

Along with the super cool i8 Spyder Concept, BMW will also use the CES in January to unveil their latest innovative technology: AirTouch.


AirTouch is a new way to control the infotainment system in a BMW without distracting the driver. Instead of relying on a touchscreen or buttons, the driver and passengers can use their hands to control their in-car systems.

“This feature empowers intuitive control of entertainment, navigation and communication functions using simple gestures made with a flat hand,” says BMW in its press release. “AirTouch allows the display in a vehicle to be operated like a touchscreen without actually having to make contact with the surface.”


Sensors inside the dashboard and placed around the cabin can pick up hand movements and use them as control signals. Whether you want to skip a song or scroll down a menu guide, you can now use AirTouch technology to eliminate the need for touch.

Should the driver need to keep their hands on the wheel whilst using AirTouch, BMW has placed a small AirTouch button on the bottom left on the steering wheel. The brand claim the button is easily accessible to the drivers thumb and will light up when a menu option is available.


The centre screen displays the menu that you control using hand movements and tries to cut down the process of making a selection. For example, should you activate the ‘phone’ option the menu will automatically offer your contact list at the very top. AirTouch claims that its innovative technology allows “the driver to focus all their concentration on the road ahead”.

The AirTouch system will be presented at the CES in early January 2016, with sources suggesting it’ll be shown through the BMW i8 Spyder.



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