BMW making massive charging pad for its cars

The charging of electric cars is set to become a hot topic over the coming years. More and more of us are moving away from traditional fuel types as new legislation makes polluting vehicles increasingly unviable to drive, especially in major towns and cities.

All sorts of questions are raised by the charging issue: how the national grid will cope with the extra demand, what will become of former petrol stations as demand drops, but perhaps the most pertinent is how the charging technology will actually work.

BMW have proposed a novel solution in the shape of a giant ‘charging pad’. Currently only compatible with the BMW 530e iPerformance, the German carmaker plans to release kit that will allow its other cars to charge using the tech, such as the 330e, the 740e and the X5.

Despite sounding like a great idea, the pad could potentially not be as practical as originally envisioned. Maneuvering onto the pad could prove a challenge with drivers will have to pay close attention to the iDrive screen when parking for alignment purposes to ensure optimum charging. If aligned correctly, the 530e should take around 3.58 hours to charge – the same length of time it takes to charge with a cable.

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