About us

Oliver and Toby Richmond founded Servicing Stop in 2008. Their vision was to deliver affordable car servicing of the highest standards that suits people’s lifestyles. They have been instrumental in propelling the company as the number one car service provider.

Servicing your BMW with Servicing Stop

Servicing Stop is a nationwide brand with over 1000 garages in our network. We have plenty of valuable experience of servicing, repairing and maintaining BMW’s. We have independent checks for quality and professionalism on all of our garages.

Your manufactures warranty is not at all affected when you use Servicing Stop. All parts and labour come with a 1 year warranty. Only brand new pre-approved car parts are used with us.

Our mechanics and technicians use top quality and complainant equipment. They are experienced and will treat your car with great care. Mechanics ensure that services are completed as per the manufactures recommended service schedule. Criteria for car servicing set by us consist of very high standards.

Now you don’t need to pay inflated prices from the main dealer

As of 2003 the Block exemption law allows customers to use independent garages to carry out their car service. Beforehand only main dealers were used as visiting an independent garage would affect the manufactures warranty. Now customers can use companies such as Servicing Stop. We follow correct procedures and carry out car servicing using improved criteria from the main dealer.

Why use Servicing Stop

  • You could save up to 60% on your BMW car service
  • Only brand new pre-approved parts are used
  • Your warranty is not affected
  • Free collection and delivery of your vehicle
  • 1 year guarantee on parts and labour
  • Warm and friendly staff ready to answer general or technical questions


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