BMW Releases Huge Structure


Just a few weeks ago, we witnessed the most recent instalment of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place in one of June’s last weekends. The festival for 2016 was special for many companies celebrating many different achievements, but for BMW, 2016 marks the 100th year since the company was created. Henceforth, BMW took centre stage at Goodwood by creating a huge sculpture to celebrate the huge anniversary.

There has been a sculpture on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed each year since 1997. The feature celebrates the 100th anniversary of BMW and as part of this, three very prolific BMW cars made up the sculpture. The grand structure weighs over 140 tonnes and was constructed on the site at Goodwood. As previously mentioned, three BMW vehicles featured on the structure, these were the; BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster, the Brabham-BMW BT52 F1 car and the 1999 Le Mans-winning BMW V12 LMR. These three vehicles are prolific in BMW’s grand history, and to really demonstrate how important they are, the vehicles were all real working models which have been used at specific times and in multiple events. For example, the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster came direct from this year’s Mille Miglia. It was so direct that damage can still be seen on the vehicle.


Centred in the middle of the festival, the giant statue certainly told the festival goers that BMW were celebrating their 100th year. But if that isn’t enough, BMW also brought along 200 vehicles and a £1 Million BMW 507 was driven up the Goodwood Hill to mark the opening of the festival by owner of the ground Lord March.

We have seen some beautiful concept cars created by the BMW group and now huge involvement in the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We can only hope that BMW keep these celebrations up throughout the year…

Photography: by Pete Summers and Tom Shaxson