The new BMW 640d Coupe

The amazing new BMW 640d is set to become the company’s bestselling 6 series vehicle. Why? The diesel engine can perform near miracles.

Attractive looks

This is a wonderfully delightful vehicle to look at. It’s big, elegant and looks sporty all at the same time. The wheel arches are wide make the car look more dominating on the road. The coupe roofline gives the 640d a wonderfully attractive look.

Various options available with the car

The LED headlamps are optional and will cost £1,665. This is the first time this specific type of headlights has been featured upon a BMW vehicle. Upgrading to the M Sport version of the car will give the owner splendid 19 inch wheels and a dark chrome exterior trim. The brake callipers will be coloured black. An aerodynamic overall style will be applied to the car with it’s fantastic body parts.

Inside the cabin

For £4,665, there are a number of splendid upgrades available inside the cabin. This includes a wonderful multi function leather steering wheel, supportive sports seats and aluminium trimming.

The spectacular rotary iDrive controller placed upon the centre console is carried over from the BMW 6 Series convertible. The 10.2 inch screen really stands out and displays satellite navigation.

Driving position almost perfect

The driving position would be perfect if the awkwardly design A pillar didn’t obstruct the drivers view.


The BMW 640d is a practical car too. The rear seats are enough for adults to sit in the back. Closest rivals such as the Jaguar XK and the Mercedes-Benz SL do not provide enough space to boast the same practicality attributes. This is could indeed be a reason for many customers swaying towards the BMW. The diesel engine should be enough however.

Splendid diesel engine

The 3.0 cylinder diesel engine offers huge benefits. The sequential turbochargers are a great addition to the car. They both cater for speed at each ends of the scale.

Excellent sound

The sound from the exhaust is quite aggressive and impressive. Many would turn their heads when the 640d drives off into the distance at speed. Who would expect something like that from a diesel?

Eight speed gearbox

The eight speed gearbox was developed to bring about excitement for the driver as well as economy.

Figures of the BMW 640d hitting 50 MPG + have been quoted. It is expected to reach 0-62 MPH in just 5.5 seconds.