The Mini Clubvan concept

Mini has revealed a new Clubvan concept for the Geneva Motor Show. BMW are clearly taking the whole event very seriously with a number of attractive models lined up for their stand.

There will be no rear seats within the Clubvan, it’s based on giving a stylish ride with great storage. BMW themselves describe the van as “a compact lifestyle van for business and leisure – the first concept of its kind in the premium segment.”

The car is expected the rival the likes of the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Chevrolet HHR, being a practical “delivery” orientated vehicle. Although there are distinct differences between the three vehicles there are also many features that are very similar.

Aimed at various businesses

The car is aimed at the industries such as catering, fashion, photography, basically any type of job that requires equipment to be stored. It’s also very stylish at the same time.

Large amount of storage space

Inside the vehicle, there is a great amount of space despite its relatively small frame. The interior space is made the most out of. The storage space is huge, extending from the rear doors to the front seats. The flooring is level and comes across as a wonderfully practical asset. There is more storage space than the Mini Clubman.

When items are placed upon the floor, there are straps available to use which is able to stabilise items and hold them. They vary with different heights and widths. Items sliding around should be a major problem. Under no circumstances will any items make their way to the front seats even the vehicle brakes heavily.


There will be two front doors for driver and passenger access, two side hinged doors at the back of the vehicle. There will also be a Clubdoor on the driver’s side of the vehicle which gives another option and easy access to smaller storage items.

A first

This is the first premium model in the small car based van category according to MINI. Customers will be those with certain types of businesses as mentioned earlier who want to run it in style on the road.

It will come in with British Racing Green exterior paintwork. This will extend throughout the whole vehicle to the roof and exterior mirrors.

The rear windows will be tinted so passers-by cannot view into the rear of the Clubvan.