The BMW Middle East Group is serious about road safety

The BMW Group Middle East has stepped up their safety campaign named “Stay Alert. Stay Alive” throughout the Emirates region. They are emphasising the importance of motorists and passengers putting on their seatbelt following a number of accidents with many not wearing their seatbelt.

The BMW Group Middle East revealed that 46 % of university students have been involved in a traffic accident. 69 % of those students were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

Howard Reed – Great Campaign

Dr Howard Reed, the Director of Dubai Women’s College had his say on the whole campaign saying that BMW are doing a great deal to help motorists become a lot safer on the road. His exact words were “We were delighted be part of such an important initiative. Unfortunately a number of DWC students have been involved in serious road accidents or have lost someone close to them because of dangerous or negligent driving. We look forward to continuing working with BMW Group to help further encourage our students to protect themselves and others on the roads.”

Students involved in the campaign

Students themselves have got involved in the campaign raising awareness of road safety. Around 2,000 male and female students all aged between 18-23 got involved in events around the Middle Eastern Region. The idea was to demonstrate the damaging effects of not driving safely on the road. It really did its bit to hit home amongst many road users into the potentially devastating accidents drivers could find themselves in.


The campaign is backed up by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the Road Transport and Authority of Dubai RTA and the HCT and the Emirates Driving Institute EDI. Together all groups showcased an interactive demonstration of potential consequences when the car. A film competition was also setup whereby a prize was given to the group who inspirational film about road safety.

Road safety and buckling up is clearly a major problem amongst students in the Middle East. With BMW Middle East Group creating a campaign like this which is catered to hot home the importance of road safety amongst students, they done everything is the most effective way possible.