The BMW 7 Series to contain more carbon fibre elements

As you can see from the images, the BMW 7 Series is a large car. With the vehicle carrying so much weight, it is essential that carbon emissions and fuel efficiency are optimised in the best way possible. When a car weighs more, it takes more effort and fuel to push it along, therefore wasting fuel.

BMW have decided to install carbon fibre elements around the exterior to battle the problem. Carbon emission and pollution around the world is a major problem. All car makers have to invest heavily in order to ensure that their new vehicles meet demands.

Efficient Dynamics Technology

BMW are changing the way in which they develop their cars, even their performance related vehicles. Their wonderful EfficientDynamics technology has already gone a long way into ensuring that performance that we expect from the company is not optimised for efficiency. Expect the BMW 7 Series to contain this when released.

The BMW i3 and i8

The BMW i3 and i8 are great examples of how the largest luxury auto maker is influencing the way cars are made in the future. These two are examples of vehicles that will be put into production which no one has ever seen before.

What’s so great about carbon fibre?

The exterior of the car will contain carbon fibre material where usually it would have metal. This means that the chassis, the main part of the exterior body as well as the body panels will now be made of the lightweight material of carbon fibre. Although it is more expensive, it is a wonderful way of keeping the weight of vehicles down, as the material is higher in strength but lower in weight.

More and more automakers will use carbon fibre 

The use of carbon fibre on the exterior body is set to increase heavily in the near future for all automakers. At present only manufacturers with major sporty models are using the material. Eventually it will become the norm even for family vehicles many predict.

Carbon fibre not only reduces the weight of a car, but it also increases the performance of it too. With less weight, the car can accelerate quicker. Other performance attributes such as the handling and braking are also improved.

The new generation BMW 7 Series exterior will contain a great combination of carbon fibre, steel and aluminium when released in 2015.