The 2012 BMW 335i review

Today we review the 2012 BMW 335i model that is destined for America. It will contain a direct injected turbocharged six cylinder 3.0 litre engines that is able to produce 300 BHP. In just 5.4 seconds, the BMW 335i will reach 0 – 60 MPH.

The most power 3 series

This leaves this model as the most powerful BMW 3 Series, for the moment. When the BMW M3 is released it is expected to blow the car out the water.


American motorists can buy the car now for a starting price of $43,295. This is $7,500 more than the BMW 328i. The sport trim will cost $55,370.

The Sport BMW 335i

The Sport version is an excellent model which provides a wonderful driving experience. There will be a sport tuned suspension which allows the car to sit lower. This enhances the performance of the car and also makes the car look that bit sportier. The car contains sports seats. Inside the cabin the whole design is dedicated around bringing out a sportier feel within.

Fuel efficiency slightly improved

According to American statistics, the BMW 335i reaches 20 MPG throughout urban areas and 30 MPG on the motorway. This is said to be an improvement of 1 MPG for urban areas and 2 MPG on the motorway.

No difference between the manual and automatic

In terms of gear transmission, the car will have a choice of a six speed transmission or an eight speed transmission. There is no difference with the gear transmissions in terms of their 0 – 60 MPH times. Both are setup perfectly. One doesn’t necessarily outperform the other. Selecting the transmission will come down to personal preference.

For a performance drive go for the BMW 335i over the BMW 328i

The BMW 328i is a fabulous car in it’s own right but just does not contain the power and driving ability of the BMW 335i. For those of who want a car that produces a thrilling and exciting drive rather than that of a conservative drive than the BMW 335i is the right choice.

The optional wheel and tyre package worth getting

However the car is a lot heavier than the 328i which means handling is compromised during certain situations. But do not let that put you off. The BMW 335i has an excellent grip on the road, especially with the optional 19 inch wheel and tyre package.

Needless to say regular BMW service as the manufacturer’s service schedule is essential for optimum performance.