Some of the best used BMW’s for under £5,000

BMW’s are built to last, with quality and great engineering. Many of the older generations can be purchased at an affordable price.

We look at the models that look like they could be great value for money.  We will use Autotrader as our main source for our research.

Some models found could be over or near to 100,000 miles, but don’t be put off. As mentioned before BMW’s will run very well even when they have covered high mileage, as long as they been maintained carefully.

BMW 3 Series

The most popular BMW, it is the bestselling car for the company brand new car and second hand. 

Minimum price – £2000

We suggest spending a minimum of around £2000. Cars near to that price have mileage of around 100,000, just over or just under. £2000 could get you a car of as less as 90,000 miles, with full service history.  The age of the car within this price bracket is likely to be 10 or less.


A 3 Series around the £4000 mark will be newer (around 2003). Searching around can get you a very decent BMW with low mileage of around 70,000.

Cars more expensive, around the £5,000 mark could get you a well taken care of 4 door 320i SE with just 65,000 mileage.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a car for those who want maximum practicability and a car with great luxury appeal.

Minimum price – £3000

We suggest spending a minimum of £3000 for a BMW 5 Series. Looking around carefully could find you a 2002 520i ES with full service history and 72,000 miles at around this price mark.

5 Series’ that are slightly more expensive, at the £4000 can be great value for money too. A 525i that has done just 53,000 miles can be found if looked out for.

BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series is a small family car, offering great quality and excellent equipment as standard with its models.

Minimum price – £4500

We recommend a minimum price of £4500 for this car. Anything less will get cars that have extremely high mileage and wouldn’t be worth the purchase. Some Models closer to the £5,000 mark, such as the 116i Sport can be found at just 85,000 miles in excellent condition.