Official details on the BMW M6

The BMW M6 is set to be released. It will be a monster of a car, reaching speed of up to 189 MPH from its V8 552 BHP engine.


It will not come cheap as many of you may imagine. It will cost £93,795 and will go on sale in September. This will follow the BMW M5 which is also expected to be a spectacular addition to the UK automotive market this year.

Pure power

It will contain a 4.4 litre twin turbocharged V8 petrol engine. This combination with the seven speed M DCT paddle shift gearbox works perfectly. The car can reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 4.2 seconds. The convertible version will reach that time in 4.3 seconds. The M Driver’s Package increases the speed to 189 MPH.

The maximum power available in the car reaches 552 BHP. The intelligent technology within the car involves direct fuel injection, double Vanos variable camshaft control and variable valve timing. BMW have certainly gone out of their way to ensure that the car is a lot more powerful than the previous version. Economy is an important factor for every car manufacturer, even those who develop the sportier models. The BMW M6 is able to achieve 28.5 MPG on the EU combined cycle with the convertible returning 27.4 MPG. In terms of C02 emissions, the car will return 232g/km with the convertible version returning 239g/km.

Two plus two

In order to improve the car’s range, there will be a new two plus two 80 litre fuel tank installed which will improve the car’s touring range.

Beautiful styling

There will be a great deal of styling upgrades upon the car. This includes a set of new 19 inch alloy wheels. The roof will be made of carbon fibre and plastic. The convertible will use a fabric roof. At the back of the car there will be a new rear diffuser along with quad exhaust pipes. The front wings have been made wider in order to cover the larger front track.

Previously in our blog we discussed that BMW could offer ceramic brakes for their M5 model with our article “BMW to offer Ceramic Brakes on the new BMW M5”.

It has been confirmed that these specific types of brakes will be available within the BMW M6 as an option, giving the driver ultimate stopping power.