Is BMW catching up with Audi?

The title may sound strange, as BMW is the world’s number one luxury car manufacturer. However it’s Audi who are number one in China. Reports throughout the automotive industry today suggest that BMW are reportedly catching up with Audi in China.

Difficult to catch Audi

That will take some doing to say the least. Audi are the countries number one supplier for luxury cars in the country and have been for a number of years. They are so big that Audi’s home country Germany is no longer their number one market! China now claims that title. That may seem quite strange but you will not find Audi complaining. Of all countries to overtake your homeland, it’s pretty obvious that everyone would choose China, the world biggest automotive industry.

China overtaking Germany for demand

Reports go further to claim that it’s not just Audi’s market that is being dominated by China over Germany, but all luxury cars in general. China is reportedly overtaking Germany in that area. If that was to occur, Germany would slot down to number three in terms of luxury car demand, leaving America and China as number one and number two. That would represent quite a turnaround.

BMW demand increasing in China

BMW, not only Audi, have made a huge contribution towards that. Demand for BMW’s in the country has increased so much that Audi are now in close competition. China’s luxury car sales have increased by 39 per cent to 939,000 this year. This eclipses the 914,000 that have been sold in Germany.

Dependant on China and the U.S.A

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are all counting on the world’s largest automotive industries, the United States of America and China to increase their luxury car market share next year. The German market share is expected to dip amid a Euro zone crisis next year. That will come as a huge blow as Germany is Europe’s number one luxury car seller.

Experts believe that the Chinese demand for luxury cars has increased recently with it set to further increase next year, despite some concerns of the global car industry slowing down next year.

One major concern is the car pollution and congestion in China. We believe that if luxury car demand is to increase, they must boast great green credentials to make them worthy of purchase.