BMW X6 at Geneva Motor Show

The new generation BMW X6 was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. The first ever public appearance of the car has already been teased in the automotive press by BMW last year.

Beautiful inside out

The new BMW X6 has been redesigned with a more attractive exterior design. As standard the BMW X6 will come with LED headlights which make the car look classier. Inside the cabin comes a mini GPS console screen is located right in the middle. Nappa leather is placed throughout the car including the dashboard, giving the X6 a classy feel. The inside of the car has a brown theme which is quite pleasant on the eye.

The six models available

There are set to be another six variants with different engines, fuel and various interior specifications. The entry level basic petrol variant, if you can call it that is the BMW X6M and can produce an almighty 555 BHP. The next in line is the xDrive50 i which contains a V8 engine. The xDrive35 i engine runs a 6 cylinder engine. The next diesel models are the xDrive40 d and the xDrive30 d. There are rumours that a Nitrogen Oxide version will be released which will be very interesting to say the least.  This could be the sixth addition to the list.

The “Standard” model’s equipment

Within the xDrive 50 i, there will be plenty of high level equipment included as you would expect with BMW.  This version, which is the standard model contains 19 inch alloy wheels with large wheels. These are also performance enhancing features that help the car get a better grip to the road.

When will the car be released in America?

The models are expected to be released in America by June of this year.

More details expected later

With every new BMW car comes groundbreaking technology. This time BMW have brought about some spectacular new engine technology which helps keep the car as fuel efficient as possible whilst performing near miracles in terms of performance. These specific details have been held back for now. (They were expected to be unveiled at the Geneva Palexpo conventional arena after the motor show had finished)

More details

All versions are set to contain six speed automatic gearboxes as standard. The colours available will be Vermillion Red, Black and ebony white.