BMW Remote Mobile App released

BMW have released their highly anticipated Apple iOS application named the “My BMW Remote”. It’s a very intelligent smart phone application which is allows owners to access particular features within their car remotely.

We had already broken the news of the app being released back in October 11th, with our blog titled “BMW expanding in the mobile apps sector”.

Features of the app

Special features of the BMW Remote app will include the ability to lock and unlock doors. Users will be able to locate their vehicle when it is parked with the help of Google Local Search. Some can even sound the horn and flash the headlights of their car, which is quite a neat feature especially when trying to locate your car.

BMW Assist Safety Plan

In order to make utilise the application, owners will need an active BMW Assist Safety Plan. They must also own the appropriate Apple devices of the iPhone and iPad which is running the iOS 4.0 or later.

The app is available to download from the Apple iTunes store. No modifications need to be made to your car.

A detailed look at the functionalities of the BMW My Remote app:

Location of your car: Your BMW is able to be located from your mobile device when the car is switched off and is within 1 km (0.6 miles) of the device. A map of will be displayed easily allowing you to find your vehicle.

Google Local Search – This allows users to search for local businesses such as restaurants, shopping centres and more. Details are able to be sent to the device.

Remote locking and unlocking – This neat feature allows you to lock and unlock your car from the BMW My Remote app. Drivers will no longer have to worry if they have accidently locked their keys inside the vehicle or whether they are two minds if they have locked their car or not.

Remote horn – This allows the owner to sound their horn on their BMW model. This is another function that helps locate where your vehicle could be.

Remote headlights – The owner of the app can also flash the headlights which again helps locate exactly where the vehicle is.

This is only available for customers in America at present. It is not known when the My BMW Remote app will be made available in the UK.