BMW Malaysia looking to go greener and build on success

BMW Malaysia has broken their sales record last year. In total, the German company sold a magnificent 5,604 for the whole year. The figures announced take into consideration 301 Mini vehicle sold as well as 300 Motorrad bikes.

BMW Malaysia managed to beat their sales record of 2010 by 24 %. Sales were so much better in 2011 that the Malaysian market is now one of the fastest growing for the company globally.

Geoffery Bricose – Greener technology important

Geoffery Bricose, Chief of the BMW Group Malaysia said that creating greener engines are important for the future of the Malaysian automotive industry. He said “The Malaysian government’s long stated intention of introducing Euro IV spec for fuel for instance is a critical step towards the country’s evolution into an actual green tech advocate, and it’s our hope that greater emphasis will be given towards the alternative engine technologies that are readily available today in the discussion of the second review of the National Automotive Policy scheduled for this year,”

He continued to mention how improving technology upon fuel powered vehicles is a worthy idea.“It is vital that while we pursue new alternatives to achieve sustainability, attention is also given to improve on existing tech such as Advanced Petrol and Diesel engines which run on the lower sulphur content Euro IV spec fuel, as well as the introduction of incentives for all hybrid tech including those for hybrid vehicles above 2,000 cc, as these engines can prove to be more efficient than their smaller counterparts,”

The BMW i8

The upcoming BMW EfficientDynamics Concept will be seen for the first time in the country. Despite not being released, the more powerful i Series model already has a major profile after being seen in the Hollywood Blockbuster Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol. The BMW i8 is a beautiful sight. Looking futuristic, attractive and fast, it’s impossible to find a car that can match it’s unique looks. Before anyone gets too excited, the car will not be released and made available for sale anytime soon across the world. They are still under development with a very long way to go still.

F30 and the F10

BMW ActiveHybrid models, the 3 Series F30 and the 5 Series F10 will be released soon in Malaysia. However both contain powerful 3.0 litre turbo engines so benefits of typical hybrid cars will not be realised as much.