BMW make shocking move to buy Saab

Sensational reports around the automotive industry have reported that BMW are interested in buying Saab, the failed Swedish auto maker.

BMW, who already own MINI, are reportedly one of several parties who are interested in Saab. Just when you thought you may have heard the last of Saab, the story takes another interesting twist. According to reports, there are around six or seven bidders who want to snap up the company and revive their fortunes.

General Motors blocked the last bid

Saab was indeed almost saved a few months ago by a Chinese automaker. However the current owners General Motors went against the idea. They did not Saab’s special technology licenses to get into the hands of potential rivals and declined the offer. Will the same happen again to BMW? Will General Motors like the idea of another leading worldwide car manufacturer getting hold of some of Saab’s secrets?

Saab’s interests at heart

If Saab is acquired by one of the parties, it will be quite a strange deal, as it has been suggested that the highest bidder may not be the overall winner. Saab require a deal that offers the best package for its current employees and creditors, which is quite understandable. Employees have gone through some extremely tough times recently and have gone long periods without pay at times. The highest bidder may not necessarily contain the knowledge to proceed with the continuation of Saab products and regaining their creditability to what it once was.

All signs point towards BMW

BMW have not been officially confirmed at the automaker in question to make a bid. However it is highly likely and many have pointed the finger towards the world’s largest luxury car producer. Why? One of the bidders was confirmed as a Munich based car producer.


BMW and Saab do have previous history. Back in 2010, both companies had signed an engine purchasing agreement.

Who better?

What would happen if BMW were successful in their purchase? They could continue the production of Saab vehicles and help the company prosper like they once did in the 1990’s. Who better to change Saab’s fortunes around? BMW will also surely use some of Saab’s platforms for their own brand as well as the MINI brand.

No chance?

Other sources have said there is absolutely no chance of BMW acquiring Saab. After BMW acquired Rover, it ended in disaster. That was when Rover was in a better condition than BMW now.

This news report is at its very earliest stage and there is plenty more to come we believe.