BMW luxury cars crackdown for disabled drivers

BMW motability cars are set to disappear. The Government are cracking down on luxury cars being handed out on the Motability scheme. All cars are handed out to people with specific disabilities or illnesses, which are all paid for by the tax payer.

The £1.5 billion yearly scheme had its Chairman Lord Sterling announce the change this week. The alterations in the scheme were implemented in order to cut down the enormous costs. Claimants will now only have the value of £25,000 to purchase a car cut down from the previous £37,000.  Even when you manage to get a car for £25,000, a down payment of £2000 must be provided upfront first.

Lord Sterling said “Despite meeting the mobility needs of disabled people for over 33 years, it is very important that we are not complacent. During 2011, we have reviewed a number of issues including the range of cars available on the scheme and the clarity of our policies on how the cars are used and by whom.”

The mobility scheme has received many critics of late as criteria in which to get a free vehicle was unjustified, according to some. Particular circumstances which came under immense criticism were families with hyperactive children, alcohol abusers and drug abusers. Official figures show that 9,100 people with drink and drug problems were able to claim a free car.

The changes mean that the £35,000 BMW X3 is now off the menu. The Toyota Land Cruiser is also priced highly at the previous maximum amount of £37,000.  At the moment there is said to be around 575,000 on the road at the moment.

Other changes include that of the usage of the Motability car and who it is used by. Drivers who live within five miles are only allowed to be nominated to drive the cars. This will help reduce the scheme being abused, which it is in many instances per day. Lord Sterling said that “The principle of the scheme remains as it always has been – that cars must be used for the benefit of the disabled person,”

BMW are seen as a luxury vehicle, do they really fit in such a scheme? It makes sense that the Government are taking action with BMW Motability vehicles costing tax-payers more than what they need to pay.