BMW launching Aupeo App

BMW are launching a third party iPhone App which acts as a personal radio. This will be made available across the globe and not suited to one particular region. It will neatly interact with all current BMW and Mini cars.

How the Aupeo! app works

What does the Aupeo! app actually do? It acts as a personal DJ which can be compared to the North American Pandora internet radio service. Intelligently, the app is able to recommend music from gathering a listeners personal taste. A music track is sure to be accurately recommended thanks to the system containing a database of 1 million tracks.


BMW seek third party help to develop the Aupeo! app

BMW used the help of dedicated software engineers with the assistance of BMW regional App centres. This allows the apps to be developed in a much quicker fashion than BMW could do themselves. BMW said in a press statement “Development times are getting ever shorter, and the product range wider and increasingly customized,”

BMW adopt an open platform strategy which will allows integrate various mobile devices and internet services within the models. The company are also open to any other third party software companies to assist them in developing more intelligent apps for cars.

 BMW’s aim for the future

Andreas Schwarzmeir, the Product Manager for BMW ConnectedDrive said that “Our aim for the future is to cooperate with further infotainment providers in order to give our customers seamless in-car access to services they are already using,”


Vehicles which the app will be available too

The Aupeo app was produced by a company named Aupeo, based in Berlin. The app itself will be free to download from the Apple iTunes App Store. All BMW’s with the Apps options installed and Mini models with the Mini connected option installed.


BMW moving forward

This goes to show how dedicated BMW to moving into the smart phone app industry.  They can be described as the market leaders in terms of integrating phone apps into cars. They have been very clever in offering an open platform. This as mentioned earlier allows development times to be made a lot shorter and more options to be explored.

They were the first ever car brand to integrate the Apple i-Pod into their car back in 2004. Before the first ever iPhone was released back in 2007, BMW launched technology that showcased the phone being integrated within it’s models.