BMW launch advertising campaign for the new 3 series

BMW have launched a brand new advertising campaign for the new redesigned 3 Series model. The car is BMW’s bestselling model in history and is always number one across many individual markets. The car has been on sale in America since early February.

The advertising campaign includes a nationwide television commercial along with comical short films. The official website homepage has seen numerous different takeovers recently too. The short films are all in the name of a competition where the lucky winner will receive a brand new BMW 3 Series.

The 5.9 second competition

The competition is question is named “Zero to Desir in 5.9 seconds”, named after the car’s timing from 0 – 60 MPH.  The video should last for 5.9 seconds where competition entrants will show exactly how much they would like the car.

The BMW 3 Series the first step

BMW believe that many first time buyers of the brand go for the 3 Series first before moving up. That is why BMW are heavily focusing on a huge marketing campaign for the BMW 3 Series. Getting first time customers to purchase the new 3 Series will eventually lead to them purchasing models higher up in the range.

Submissions of the short video contest are able to made at as well as Only U.S residents are available to submit entries.

30 judges will pick the winner. The winner of the contest will have the most “creativity, innovation and uniqueness”. The lucky new owner of a BMW 3 Series will be announced at the beginning of April.

The new BMW 3 Series


The BMW 3 Series accounts for a third of the company’s global sales. The latest version is expected to make a tremendous impact.

It will be more economical with greater aluminium presence throughout the exterior body.  This means that the car will weigh less than the previous model.

The 2.0 litre diesel version will come with a twin turbo engine which is able to produce 181 BHP. It will reach 0 – 62 MPH in 7.5 second with the six speed manual gearbox transmission installed. The most impressive statistic is the amazing fuel economy that the car will be able to achieve, which will reach 61.4 MPG and return just 120g/km in emissions.

Prices in the UK are expected to start from £29,080.