BMW celebrates Holi in India

Many car manufacturers have joined in the celebrations of Holi in India. BMW have jumped on the bandwagon.

Using social media through the means of Facebook, BMW have run a campaign in celebration of the festival with different colours across the page.

Fans using the MINI page on Facebook can splash a variety of colours on a MINI vehicle of their choice. The image is then able to shared with their friends on Facebook through their wall. It is quite an enjoyable feature to utilise.

70% are small vehicles

This is a splendid marketing campaign from BMW MINI, who are set to launch in India. It is quite a surprise that they have not yet fully launched in the country. Small cars account for 70 per cent of sales in the country. MINI are famous and well known for their wonderful small cars, with predicting they will take the sales chart in India by storm.

Youth appeal

The BMW MINI brand, when introduced to India, will be the 100th market that the car has arrived in. The brand is known for it’s appeal to youth across the world, especially here in the UK. This is bound to be a major factor in the car succeeding in India.

Pricing all important

Indian fans and automotive journalists got their first glimpse of the car at the Indian Auto Expo 2012. Prices were announced too which will play a major part in the car succeeding or not. It may sound obvious, but effective car pricing in India makes all the difference. The majority of the market is not wealthy or financially stable, meaning a car purchase must be worth the money that customers are paying for it. The BMW MINI brand will be one of the most luxurious line up’s across the small car range.

Current MINI operations in India

At the moment the brand only operates in the cities of Dehli and Mumbai. An expansion to other major cities is in the pipeline for the company in due course. The cars currently sold are the Mini Cooper, the Mini Cooper S, the Mini Cooper Convertible and the Mini Countryman. The MINI Cooper comes with a 1.6 litre engine achieving 122 BHP. The MINI Cooper S as well as the MINI Cooper Countryman comes with a 1.6 litre turbo petrol engine achieving 184 BHP. Both engines are attached to six speed automatic gearboxes.

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