BMW begins production of the 3 Series

Half a billion Euro is  going into the production of the new BMW 3 Series. Work has already begun in Munich with many very excited by the prospect.

Head of Production at BMW, Frank-Peter Arndt mentioned the importance of the car and how production secured plenty of jobs. He was quoted to have said “The BMW 3 Series is the most important volume-produced model from the BMW Group as well as the biggest-selling model in the entire premium segment. To ensure that the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series likewise leaves the factory in flawless quality, we have invested around 500 million euros in our Munich home plant. And that means safeguarding 9,000 workplaces,”

The Mayor of Munich, Christian Ude indicated the significance of the new BMW 3 Series production in the city. He said “As Munich residents we can count ourselves fortunate that the decision to build the new 3 Series here signals a clear and impressive commitment to Munich on the part of BMW.BMW is not just one of our major employers and corporate tax payers, but beyond that also actively contributes to the wellbeing of the city.”

Why Munich was chosen

Dedication of Staff

Manfred Schoch, who is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at BMW, stated the employee’s dedication to the job amongst other attributes was a major factor in deciding where production ended up. He said “Credit for this achievement on the part of the Munich site must also go to the highly motivated and committed employees who invest huge efforts and true dedication into ensuring that this location retains its attractiveness and competitive edge.”

Wonderful facilities

The 700,000 square meter site offers a wonderful production centre. There is a systematic well executed system between the production, logistics, administration and transport departs that works within.

Production of steel is undertaken to an extremely efficient level. It has been stated that in just 12 days, the factory is able to produce the same amount of steel that went into building the Eiffel Tower.


Munich for BMW is like Dagenham for Ford. The production of BMW’s at this particular factory started in 1922. At present, there is over 9,000 staff employed at the factory. Approximately 206,000 cars were produced at the factory last year. Production of the new BMW 3 Series will also have a minimal impact on residents and the environment.