BMW’s Thermal Management Technology

BMW is using specially designed thermal management technology for their air conditioning systems.
Air conditioning has almost become the norm for many new cars coming off the production line. It’s considered still considered a luxury however by some. Many do take it for granted. Nevertheless it is a vitally important piece of technology which is a wonderful tool during the hotter climate.

BMW have recently made that bit more special within their latest 3 Series. It has been made to be more intelligent. It measures the temperature outside ensuring that the temperature within the cabin remains at the right level.

BMW’s climate control system will always ensure that the best possible temperature is found for everyone within the cabin.

Air circulation filter

Air recirculation technology is nothing new. It ensures that unwanted air from outside such as polluted air.

An additional filter reduces those unbearable odours and potentially harmful air so that everyone sitting inside the car is always fresh.

Even when the air conditioning is not actually being used, the new additional filter will remain active.

Thermal management

BMW adopt a two zone climate control system. This smartly allows the car’s interior to be hot for when it is cold outside and vice versa.  Heat will defrost the windscreen in a quick fashion when it is cold outside. When it is hot outside, the car uses solar compensation which will modify the airflow depending on the amount of sunshine to the right amount of cold air.

The two zone climate control system also allows the driver to select a certain setting and the front passenger to select another.

Dashboard system

There will be an intelligent system which will be located behind the dashboard. This will direct air to dedicated vents, bringing about more efficiency. There is also space for a BMW Head-Up Display system.

The new system works hand in hand with BMW’s ECO PRO system, saving plenty on the fuel bills. The climate control system cleverly saves energy by utilising an optimised setting. This will turn the compressor off at certain stages but does not reduce the quality of cool and warm air that is produced.

Anti fogging function

The BMW 3 Series will come with a clever anti fogging function to remove that annoying window steam during the colder seasons.

BMW have clearly looked into almost every little detail to making the new 3 Series a top seller once again.