BMW to approve 25 electric models by 2025, says CEO

The chairman of BMW, Harald Kruger, has announced that the car maker’s line-up will be boosted with 25 models featuring electric tech by 2025 – 12 of these will be all-electric. In a statement, Kruger said:  “In electric mobility, the BMW Group will also be the leading provider in the premium segment. By 2025, we(…)

BMW aiming for 100,000 electric vehicle sales in 2017

BMW intends to push sales of electric cars by as much as two thirds in 2017 aiming to hit a target of 100,000 vehicles, as more battery-powered models are released, says the company’s CEO Harald Krueger. In an interview with the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, he revealed that the Munich based car maker intends to(…)

BMW confirm second generation i3

When BMW dropped the i3 on the market, it was the first time the German car maker had attempted to deliver a completely eco-friendly vehicle. The process had been risky; every attempt to adopt green technology was taken throughout each cycle of the cars development. From the initial build itself, to the sources it would(…)

BMW shift 100,000 electric vehicles in 3 years, now company to focus on autonomy

Electric vehicle technology has come on leaps and bounds in a relatively short space of time. Tesla revolutionised the industry back in 2012 with the introduction of the Model S. Since then, Nissan has now sold its 100,000 Leaf in the US alone, BMW too have some impressive statistics in their advancement of the technology,(…)

BMW collaborates on i3 and i8 with Garage Italia

Earlier in the year, BMW formed a glamorous collaboration with Lapo Elkmann’s Garage Italia to design an i8 that takes style to a whole new level. Inspired by Giacomo Balla’s “Lampada ad Arco”, what they came up with was the superb i8 Futurism Edition, inspired by the colours cast by a “street lamp under moonlight”.(…)

BMW Energy Recycling

The energy saving, recycling and sustainability market is growing rapidly across all sectors, and of course the automotive world is no different in this regard. We have seen the likes of Tesla and Mercedes create bigger batteries as they attempt to market them to homeowners as another method of powering homes. Now, BMW have announced(…)

LAPD and the i3

As we have stated many times here at Servicing Stop, the BMW i3 is a very efficient vehicle which has sadly failed to sell anywhere near the amount of units that it should. But, BMW musty be rejoicing now as the Los Angeles Police Department have just ordered 100 of the compact electric vehicles. So(…)

BMW Facing Lawsuit in the United States

BMW are facing a lawsuit in California over their electric vehicle and a specific failure that keeps occurring with it. Although BMW will be taking it seriously, as of yet it is unknown if it will eventually be a huge problem or not. A US owner has filed a lawsuit against the German automotive company(…)

The 2016 BMW i3

The BMW i3 is an electric car which has been on sale since 2013. So even with its hi-tech features that which not only lasted three years, but can still be seen as cutting edge, what are BMW doing to update the car for 2016? So, the i3 is one of the most fuel efficient(…)

The BMW i3 Receives a Much Bigger Range

The updated BMW i3 is expected to receive a big change in July this year. What BMW have apparently achieved, is a massive upgrade on its battery. This comes as massive news in the electric car industry as all of the major companies seem to battling it out a battery range war. With the upgrade,(…)

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