The 4 Series Update

BMW just recently updated the 4 series vehicle and it is set for release in the foreseeable future. We recently mentioned that there was going to be a huge reshuffle within the 4 Series as they set to try and dominate the compact executive coupé market. With both Audi and Mercedes looking to release new(…)

BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series for BMW, is one of its best sellers. This can most certainly be said for BMW in the USA whereby one in four BMW’s sold are a 3 Series. So we know that the 3 Series is excellent but, BMW believe that updates are necessary to keep their vehicles fresh and up(…)

What is Going to Happen to the BMW i8?

There have recently been rumours circulating that the BMW i8 is going to have a facelift towards the end of 2017. So what is going to be involved in the facelift and, will it push forward the green technology that the i8 has been so instrumental in advancing. Well of course the main concern with(…)

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