Electric Cars

Diesel sales plummet as electric cars shine

Diesel is set to “almost disappear” from the international car market over the course of the next decade as it faces a “perfect storm” from the competition posed by more affordable electric cars and tougher legislation imposed by regulators, a UBS report has predicted. The once competitive price advantage diesel enjoyed by diesel vehicles for(…)

The Future Is Really Coming…

The future of the automotive industry seems to be one step closer than ever before. BMW have recently undergone a shareholders’ meeting and the result, was the outline of BMW’s and seemingly the whole of the automotive worlds’ future. Some time ago, we released information regarding BMW’s 100th anniversary concept vehicle. Called the Vision Next(…)

The 2016 BMW i3

The BMW i3 is an electric car which has been on sale since 2013. So even with its hi-tech features that which not only lasted three years, but can still be seen as cutting edge, what are BMW doing to update the car for 2016? So, the i3 is one of the most fuel efficient(…)

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