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BMW’s Super Safety Car

We hope here that everyone knows about the BMW I8. It deserves to be known, its name should most certainly ring aloud from the rooftops. The BMW i8, is the Bavarian automotive giants plug-in hybrid supercar. It is supposed to perform well, it certainly looks fantastic and it’s also environmentally friendly too, so what more(…)

What is Going to Happen to the BMW i8?

There have recently been rumours circulating that the BMW i8 is going to have a facelift towards the end of 2017. So what is going to be involved in the facelift and, will it push forward the green technology that the i8 has been so instrumental in advancing. Well of course the main concern with(…)

The BMW i3 Receives a Much Bigger Range

The updated BMW i3 is expected to receive a big change in July this year. What BMW have apparently achieved, is a massive upgrade on its battery. This comes as massive news in the electric car industry as all of the major companies seem to battling it out a battery range war. With the upgrade,(…)

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