The hybrid BMW X6 won’t be made

Emerging news from America has confirmed that the BMW X 6 Hybrid versions will pull out of production. When released, it was the most powerful hybrid car ever launched. After just two years of disappointing sales, it will be withdrawn from showrooms and production lines. The car was larger in dimensions than the X5 which(…)

Fake engine noise from your BMW Stereo?

Usually an awesome noise derives from the engine when revving a sporty BMW. Even on some less sportier types, you hear a nice rumble. However emerging news reports have confirmed that the BMW M5 will use its high-tech stereo to enhance the sound of the engine. First we have to the question, is there really(…)

BMW to release the X4

Following the X1, X3 and X5, you will be hearing about the release of the BMW X4 in the near future.  It will be a sportier version of the X3 BMW have confirmed, with version it being a 4 wheel drive too. Whereas some may have seen the news as a surprise, experts in the(…)

The upcoming BMW 1 Series M Coupe

When released, the 1 Series M Coupe will be placed at the very peak within the 1 Series line-ups. The “M” symbol is something that excites all BMW fans and has a lot to live up to. We’ll analyse various features about the car in this article. Following the major accomplishments by the BMW 1(…)

Reprogramming your BMW to optimise performance

As cars have evolved throughout the years, they have got a lot smarter through the use of clever technology. BMW technology has now taken that step further, with them bridging the gap between automobiles and cars. The software to be made available will allow the 135i and the 335i models to be upgraded, delivering a(…)

BMW and the 2012 Olympics

BMW, an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics  have today unveiled the line up of vehicles for the games next year. It’s a great opportunity for the German car makers to show the worldwide audience their green car range. Securing the Olympic contract for BMW will mean higher eventual profits and better business, according(…)

BMW 6 Series Convertible Review

The BMW 6 Series is a car that is on the higher end of the scale within the typical line up of BMW’s. Offering elegance and performance is what the car attempts to deliver. We evaluate the latest convertible to be released from the range and highlight our favourite attributes of the vehicle. Performance and(…)

BMW X1 Review

First the X3 arrived as a smaller version of the X5. Now the X1 has arrived which is even smaller than the X3! The car is said to be based on the BMW 3 Series, with some similarities in the design. The BMW X1 has been a great success within the UK market so far.(…)

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo review

This variant of the 5 Series has the element of excitement written all over it, as the model name may suggest. When it was released, the 5 Series GT catapulted straight to the top as the best car in the whole Series. It’s a unique car in the way that it targets a new kind(…)

BMW Z4 Review

We take a look at the most successful roadster that BMW has built, the Z4. It’s perhaps a car that really does stand out and receives the highest praise from many car experts. It’s one of the best convertibles that are available on the market, with it being a perfect looking and exceptional performing sports(…)

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