BMW suppliers awarded

BMW have held an award ceremony to recognise their suppliers, for the first time ever. Recommending BMW suppliers is a great way for the German automotive giants to build a great working relationship. According to Dr. Herbert Diess, who is a member of the board at BMW, paying tribute to the company’s suppliers helps people(…)

BMW profits soar in the third quarter

BMW profits have soared so high that they outperformed Mercedes-Benz and beaten their own expectations. Their third quarter performance made very good reading for executives at the company.The company’s earnings before interest increased by 44% to € 1.72 billion. Last year, that figure was €1.19 billion. 18 analysts at Bloomberg predicted that the company would(…)

BMW U.S sales rise

BMW sales have increased by 13.5% more vehicles in October of 2011 when compared to October last year. To be exact, in 2010 the company saw sales of 19,272 whereas this year saw sales of 21,873. Year on year sales are up too by 12.9%. Between January and September in 2010, the company sold 176,736(…)

Is Audi catching up with BMW?

It has been reported today that BMW are losing profits due to Audi’s recent success. At present BMW is the world’s number one luxury car provider. The company are always looking to the future and improving themselves in order to maintain that prestige status. The spectacular overhaul of the 5 Series and the upcoming 3(…)

Potential fire hazard triggers BMW recall

BMW is recalling 32,084 BMW’s made from 2008-2011 due to a fault potentially leading to a fire risk. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) have come out and warned out of potential vehicle fires. The BMW recall was triggered due to the water pump and circuit board overheating. In further detail, the auxiliary pump(…)

BMW begins production of the 3 Series

Half a billion Euro is  going into the production of the new BMW 3 Series. Work has already begun in Munich with many very excited by the prospect. Head of Production at BMW, Frank-Peter Arndt mentioned the importance of the car and how production secured plenty of jobs. He was quoted to have said “The(…)

BMW and Peugeot combine to make electric vehicle components

BMW and Peugeot have decided to link up to create electric vehicle components. Significant progress is being made one year of signing a contract of agreeing the move. Negotiation for appropriate conditions regarding conditions for both manufacturers is currently in progress. BMW and Peugeot hope the deal will be secured quickly with production of components(…)

BMW 4 Series Coupe revealed

The automotive industry had a nice surprise earlier this week with the sneak peak of the BMW 4 Series Coupe. The release date is said to be in 2014 in the UK but a release date has not been officially confirmed by the German automotive giants. Not much was given away with the car being(…)

BMW luxury cars crackdown for disabled drivers

BMW motability cars are set to disappear. The Government are cracking down on luxury cars being handed out on the Motability scheme. All cars are handed out to people with specific disabilities or illnesses, which are all paid for by the tax payer. The £1.5 billion yearly scheme had its Chairman Lord Sterling announce the(…)

The BMW Z3 Review

The BMW Z3 is a brilliant car which comes with a wonderful sporty type of personality. It’s fun to drives and looks great too. Usually these types of cars are attached with to a certain gender. However the Z3 was popular amongst both males and females. We take a look at our favourite features of(…)

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