The new BMW 528i SE Saloon review


We take a look at the new BMW 528i SE Saloon which was released earlier this year. It cost £33,610 and sees if it is worth it.Previously on our blog we reviewed the 2012 BMW 5 Series. We described what a brilliant car it is and how much it has improved.

As we take an in depth look into one of the variants that derive from the 5 Series, we are not left disappointed.

Smaller yet more powerful engine

The new 528i contains a smaller 2.0 litre engine. Although the engine remains turbocharged, it has only a four cylinders compared to six cylinders last year. Drivers who seek power can fear not, as the torque is improved by quite a bit. The 0 -62 MPH rating is also improved as the car can now takes just 6.2 seconds to hit the mark.

The main reasoning behind the engine downsizes? The economy ratings have dipped dramatically as a result in relation to carbon emissions. The older version releases 188g/km whereas the newer version of the car emits just 159g/km. Owners will be pleased to hear that the fuel economy has improved from 35.3 MPG to 41.5 MPG.

New features

The engine isn’t the only improvement however. The new 528i also comes with Bluetooth connectivity ability as standard. There are front and rear parking sensors installed, which will especially come in handy considering the large size. There is also two-zone air conditioning installed making the car as comfortable as possible.

Driving Experience Control

The strikingly named “Driving Experience Control” does what it says on the tin. The different modes upon the control are able to adjusted for every type of driver. It’s conveniently placed for the driver to easily access.

Modes included

  • Sport+
  • Sport
  • Comfort
  • Eco Pro


There are major improvements on the car which make it well worth the large price tag in our opinion.

There are not only improvements on the style and performance, what is majorly significant is the change on the engine and economy. The revamp of the engine was considered very risky, as the older version was seemingly up to the task.

It just goes to show how dedicated the company are to improving efficiency all round. The new BMW 528i is a testament to that.