The hybrid BMW X6 won’t be made

Emerging news from America has confirmed that the BMW X 6 Hybrid versions will pull out of production. When released, it was the most powerful hybrid car ever launched. After just two years of disappointing sales, it will be withdrawn from showrooms and production lines.

The car was larger in dimensions than the X5 which made it America a suitable choice for its main target market. However it was very highly priced, at an astonishing £58,000. Although the car was intended to be very economical and keep down fuel costs, it didn’t achieve that ambitious goal. The original purchase price was also considered a bit too much.

The main reason for the car’s release in the USA was due to the fact that the diesel variant was not selling well at all. BMW believed that created a fuel efficient and eco friendly alternative to the petrol variant may prove popular.

Although the car was based on providing better sustainability and being cheaper to run, the BMW X6 didn’t let you down with its performance. An amazing 400 BHP was able to be produced from the V8 engine, with a TwinPower turbocharged extra added alongside two electric motors. The electric motors add extra power which allows the vehicle to draw out an extra 78bhp. Despite the cars size, it was able to travel from 0-60mph in just 5.4 seconds.

Did BMW focus a bit too much on the power of the car rather than the fuel efficiency? Many automotive experts have said that the car may have failed due to the company not striking the balance well between pricing, power, environmental and fuel saving credentials. The tremendous power that came with the car also came with a hefty price.

BMW claimed that the car was able to produce 28.5 mpg, quite a disappointing figure in the first place. Tests by Autocar however, a well-respected automotive website, said that their test figures were indeed a lot lower than that. They managed to get around 22.2mpg from the car.

It seems like quite a disappointing journey for the BMW X6. At first, it was a terrific idea. It’s often that the company get it wrong, but they certainly did with this one.