LAPD and the i3

LAPD-and-the-i3As we have stated many times here at Servicing Stop, the BMW i3 is a very efficient vehicle which has sadly failed to sell anywhere near the amount of units that it should. But, BMW musty be rejoicing now as the Los Angeles Police Department have just ordered 100 of the compact electric vehicles. So should criminals beware? Definitely not…

There is a valid reason for this though. Firstly, the vehicle isn’t the most powerful. Only managing 0-60mph in 7.2 seconds and achieving a top speed of just less than 95mph, the vehicle won’t be able to keep up with the vast majority of cars. Plus, if a crook manages to evade the all electric vehicle for around 100 miles then they would most certainly be in the clear. Secondly, the 100 new i3 editions to LAPD’s fleet will not be used for that purpose, which has already been stated obviously.

The reason behind the purchase of these vehicles is the ability for the LAPD to be able to transport officers in non-emergency situations and also for community outreach programmes. Carbon footprints are at the forefront of the move to switch to the all electric vehicle, but just why was BMW’s i3, out of multiple other vehicles chosen? The reason for this has been stated as follows; efficiency, reliability, compact size and small turning radiuses for urban driving and also BMW’s ConnectedDrive. When these attributes are factored in, there can be no other rival to the i3.

“We should be thinking green in everything we do — and these new EVs show how local government can lead,” said LA mayor Eric Garcetti. “Our sustainability plan pushes LA to speed adoption of greener practices and technologies, which also save money and resources.”

Both BMW and the LAPD have done very well out of this deal, and considering BMW already issue motorcycles to the LAPD, will we soon see the i8 in Los Angeles as the partnership blossoms?