BMW’s new method of selling their upcoming electric vehicles

BMW is to change the way their electric vehicles being sold when their new electric i series  models  i3 and  i8  on sale.


Tim Abbott, the UK’s managing director of BMW, is pretty determined to start a type of revolution in the way cars are being sold.

He is hoping to make a fresh start when the new electric vehicles from BMW go on sale in 2013. He was quoted to have said

“I don’t think the car industry has changed very much at all in the last 30 years,”

“Electric vehicles give us an opportunity to look at the way we sell cars and do it completely differently.”

Different to normal

He went on to explain how the new electric cars would be sold in a different way compared to normal procedure. He said “Well, I think we need to fit around what the customer wants more, not what we think they want, So if the customer wants to test drive their car at 8pm on a Friday evening we need to facilitate that and take the car to them.”

Internet sales

His idea of personalising the sales procedure makes complete sense especially with vehicles as unique as the i3 and i8 . Focusing on selling vehicles through the web also sounds like a great idea, as it is an avenue that contains immense potential.

Match customer’s lifestyle

Mixing and matching cars to suit driver’s lifestyles is also an option. Tim Abbot said “there’s certainly scope for a similar scheme,’ he said. ‘Allowing customers to use an electric car during the week to get to work and, say, a diesel 5 Series at the weekend to get away to the country would be popular.

“I can see a concept where people pay a monthly subscription which covers road tax and insurance on all the models. They could then use an electric bike, one of our new scooters, a motorbike, an electric car or a normal car. It’s a concept we are looking at for the UK.If you order with Next before 9pm you can have your products the next day. There’s no reason why you couldn’t order a car swap and have it on your drive the next morning. We just need to work out how that would work and if it would suit customers. I think the future is going to be more about mobility than outright purchase.”

It all sounds like a great idea to us.