BMW expanding in the mobile apps sector

BMW are planning to integrate their mobile app with Android operating systems. At the moment they are only compatible with the popular Apple iPhone.

The app in question is the My BMW Remote app. It’s a very innovative and intelligent app, with the app containing many different features. Using the app, you are able to open and lock the car, flash the lights, blow the horn, access the car’s climate control and more. The car is also able to tracked from your device from a distance of up to 1,500 meters. Using a map the owner can easily find their car. Charging the batter from the device can also be executed, which comes as a specific BMW ActiveE command.  POI’s (Points of interest) are sent to your phone via Google Local Search or the smartphone’s address book.

Our previous article discussed the highly intelligent and excellent BMW RTTI (Real Time Traffic Information). This particular feature will be integrated within the Android version of the My BMW Remote app too.

BMW were the first company to integrate Apple technology within their car. Google’s open source operating system will now receive the benefit of the My BMW Remote App.  We predict that many other car manufacturers will do the same. We also believe that the expansion of the app across to the Android can be beneficial for the company.  Previously BMW may have justified not making the decision earlier as the Android was not as popular as the Apple market. Since then, the industry has grown with the Android currently the quickest growing software platform amongst smartphones as well as tablets.

Another reason why the decision to move to the Android was delayed was that it poses more of a challenge. As it is open source software, many different devices are able to be attached to it. More technical specifications amongst several devices with conflicting and unique characteristics must be met. Strenuous more advanced testing would be required compared to developing the app for the Apple iPhone.

BMW appear to be taking full advantage of the Smartphone phenomenon. It’s a wonderful opportunity as the potential is limitless. We expect developments to continue long into the future