BMW and the 2012 Olympics

BMW, an official sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics  have today unveiled the line up of vehicles for the games next year.

It’s a great opportunity for the German car makers to show the worldwide audience their green car range. Securing the Olympic contract for BMW will mean higher eventual profits and better business, according to the company. They are projecting that 2 million cars could be sold from the year 2020, a rise from 1.6 million.

Of the 4,000 BMW vehicles that are said to roam the London streets next year, most of them will be electric and hybrid cars (which comprise of both petrol and electric engines) Conventional diesel powered vehicles will add to the line up. The official BMW Olympic fleet will consist of 200 electric BMW and Mini cars.

The London Olympics are the perfect spectacle for BMW to showcase their commitment to creating cars that are emitting less carbon dioxide. Europe in particular is focusing on cutting down carbon-emissions more than any other part of the world. BMW claim to have reduced their carbon emissions more than any other premium car company. Striking a balance between cars that can perform brilliantly as well as being economical is something that BMW is perhaps the best at. It was named the most “sustainable car company” in the DOW Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth year running. Compared to statistics given by Audi and Mercedes-Benz, BMW score higher . This shows how much progress BMW have achieved recently in lowering carbon dioxide emissions

At the press conference, BMW showcased the biggest vehicle that will be used at the games. The 520d model emits just 119g/km of carbon dioxide. It can also achieve 63 MPG.

The company are also moving beyond creating greener cars as part of their Olympic sponsorship. Cars weren’t the only vehicle that was displayed. Electric bikes as well as scooters were also on show. BMW has said that bikes and scooters are easier to manoeuvre around a congested London City. Parking would also be much less of an issue. Naturally they are a lot more economical than cars.

BMW are known for making luxury powerful vehicles. With their association in the Olympics, BMW are hoping to add to that image, as a supplier of fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.