BMW 5 Series 30th Anniversary

The iconic BMW 5 Series will reach its 30th year in production in just a few months.

BMW’s Japanese gift

In a way celebrating that amazing feat, BMW have released the 528i in Japan.

Just 200 models will be built for release in the country, making it a very rare and unique BMW. It will be a 3.0 Litre Petrol powered car. What will be so special about the car? It will come with an M Sport Package. That means an attractive body kit will placed over the entire car, with side skirts, aluminium line window trim and a customised front bumper as well as a unique back bumper. The colour of the car really stands out too, with it being Deep Sea Blue Metallic. Everyone will know that the car was specially created for the 5 Series 30th anniversary, with the number plate stating that fact in a subtle way.

The cost of this 30th anniversary 528i? Approximately £65,782.

A bit of BMW 5 Series History

Since the BMW 5 Series was produced in 1972, it has developed into one of the best cars in its class and has maintained that position for the majority of its life. In fact some would argue that the car is indeed the very best car in its particular class when compared to rivals.

It has reached its fifth generation of model, with none of them disappointing. Although it isn’t the top selling model in the BMW range, just behind the 3 Series, it does represent everything that is good about the company and brings in a tremendous amount of profit for the company.

The latest BMW 5 Series still going strong

As time has passed, the car has used innovative technology to fend off rivals. This includes the latest version being made to be more efficient and dynamic. This month BMW announced the release of their most efficient car yet, the 520d Efficient Dynamics. The boasts just 119g/km of C02, making it exempt from road tax for the first year and just £30 for the following years.

There also safety features such as night vision, lane departure warning systems plus many more.

We expect the 5 Series to remain at the top of its game for many years to come.  Perhaps it will reach 50 or 100 years of production.