Angry driver interrupts £112k New York BMW photoshoot with baseball bat

Angry-driver-interrupts-112k-New-York-BMW-photoshoot-with-baseball-batNew York: One of the most photogenic cities of the world. Every year, millions of travellers take the opportunity to get photos of themselves standing on its broad streets and in front of its famous skyscraper landmarks. There’s a time and a place for everything though, and stopping in the middle of Broadway – in heavy traffic – while you pose on the bonnet of your gold £112k BMW, probably isn’t one of them.

With New Yorkers not exactly known for their patience, be warned if you try and stop them getting where they want to go. In a video currently racking up the social media hits, two posers stop their gold BMW in the middle of traffic, and start posing for photos on the bonnet. As they’re passed by a stream of irate motorists, it all gets too much for one particular driver who – after hardly any warning – decides to take a baseball bat to the windscreen.

The owner of the flashy BMW – Coby Persin – posted the video on YouTube. After posting the video online, Coby wrote: “Was doing photoshoot in NYC and this crazy guy comes out with a bat and smashed my windshield.”

Most viewers however, took the side of the disgruntled driver, with one Instagram user writing: “If you find him, I want to hang that bat on my wall; because he’s a hero.”

Another added: “This is the funniest s*** ever. Did you get the permits to block traffic for these pics? Guess not. Guy with bat WON.”

Judge for yourself. Watch the video below:

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