BMW 100 Year 3 and 4 Series

At this moment in time, BMW seem to be really pushing the fact that they are celebrating their 100th year anniversary. The Bavarian company have released multiple concept cars, created a huge celebratory statue for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and have also release special edition versions of their vehicles. Japan have been very fortunate(…)

The BMW 7 Series Review

The BMW 7 Series is off the radar compared to popular models such as the 3 or 5 Series but it is still nevertheless a wonderful car. It’s a perfect executive saloon, offering great comfort and a tremendously high amount of luxury. We take a look at some of our favourite features of the car.(…)

The new BMW Z4 sDrive20i & sDrive28i reviews

Reviews for the new BMW Z4 in America have described sDrive20i & sDrive28i sum up the cars as breathtaking. No more six cylinder technology  What’s new about these cars? They no longer contain six cylinder engines anymore. They now have four cylinders. This may upset some traditional fans who prefer the older system but with(…)

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe review part 2

The beautiful BMW 6 Series Gran Touring has been shown off by BMW. The new images look stunning and have created somewhat of a storm amongst appropriate circles within the automotive industry. We have already taken a look at the car in our review (The BMW 6 Series Coupe published on the 12th December) but(…)

The BMW 320d Review

We described in our article named “The Brand new BMW 3 Series revealed” on the 17th October that the BMW 320d will be the greenest model in the whole line-up. The EfficientDynamics model figures eclipse that of its main rival, the Audi A4. We take a look at why the car is so great in(…)

BMW 6 Series Coupe

The new BMW 6 Series Coupe is one of the most anticipated cars of this year. With a price range of £59,656 to £71,840, you would expect the car to deliver on many fronts. The car has been tested already by experts. Some have already said that after the car will be good enough to(…)

BMW X1 Review

First the X3 arrived as a smaller version of the X5. Now the X1 has arrived which is even smaller than the X3! The car is said to be based on the BMW 3 Series, with some similarities in the design. The BMW X1 has been a great success within the UK market so far.(…)

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